Forthcoming band engagements

Forthcoming engagements will be highlighted here. For full details and a full listing of forthcoming band engagements, see our Events Diary.

Date Time * Event Location
Fri 4 Nov  6-8pm Remembrance at Madejski Select Car Leasing Stadium (Madejski), RG2 0FL
Sat 5 Nov 5:30pm Farnham Fireworks from Waggon Yard Car Park, Farnham, GU9 7PS
Sun 13 Nov 10:45am Remembrance Sunday Parade Braccan Walk, Bracknell, RG12 1DR
Sun 27 Nov 10:30am St Andrew's Day St Andrew's United Reformed Church, Reading, RG1 5BD
Sun 27 Nov 1:30-2 and 2:30-3 Wokingham Winter Carnival Denmark Street, Wokingham and Peach Place, Wokingham
Fri 9 Dec 7:15pm Hungerford Extravaganza Hungerford High Street
Wed 14 Dec 7pm Beaconsfield Festival of Lights Station Road, Beaconsfield

* the times shown are approximate start times of band performances.  See the links on our events diary page for more info on the event timings

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